Hey guys. I'm Sillaric, or Sil is fine as well. Please stop by here and say hi and introduce yourself and your character. I will be putting up a number of other support type threads fairly soon, so stay tuned.

This game will be pretty straight forward. Please feel free to change your backgrounds as you see fit so that you end up in Brindol, the economic and military heart of Elsir Vale. My thought had been that you would all be the scions of great heroes from the Red Hand War 20 years previous... but I'm not dead set on it. Please work with that hook if you like or come up with your own, just be sure you end up in the Antler and Thistle Tavern at the start of the game.

Shoot, I just realized that I don't actually own any info on Scales of War! Time to go read up and fix up my background!

Does this include background benefits, or are we not doing any of that?

Yes, you can take one Scales of War background benefit if one fits.

First off, thanks for the invite, Sil

How long do we have to tool around with our backgrounds?

I'll probably work on it tomorrow a bit but I was just curious.

Howdy Green Dice!

I'm thinking of Cult Escapee. I'll have more time tomorrow to write up something for everyone to enjoy and understand. Hopefully by then some of the other threads will be up and we'll have a place to smack the background and statblock

I probably won't start this one until after the other game, so probably close to two weeks (especially with the second part of my move happening end of next week). You have plenty of time.

On another note, there is a roster thread open in the new Player Threads area. Please post there when you can. Also I have added a private thread in the same area for everyone. Please post here or send me a PM if you don't see yours.

Thanks for the invite Sil. Looking forward to this game. I've played and run the KoTS fault (Both in PBP and with some Tabletop buddies) but have yet to see this one in action.

Will be busy over the next couple weeks due to exams coming up. It might limit my posting to once or twice every couple days. Will edit my background this afternoon hopefully. Also quick question; If we have to tools could we possibly make our own token to post ?

Heya Umbreon .

I'm going to be up in Boston until Sunday. I might have internet access.... I might not. I know you said we have around 2 weeks before we start but I just wanted to give you a heads up that I may be MIA for a little bit.

Hey Shadow and Umbreon. I'm looking forward to cracking some skulls with you.


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