Guild of the Electrum Star: Adventure 1 OOC

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so me and Andy were descusing our color usage anduh...

Wha... huh?

our text colors, it i had chose yellow it'd be a rainbow, but since i chose grey it's like that old song rainbow in the dark.

To elaborate: "Rainbow in the Dark", by Rainbow, when Ronnie James Dio was frontman.

It was either that or a Sentai Ranger-style reference. Y'know, fighting minions on mass, then piloting our own color-coded vehicle to magically form into a large "golem" that fights the big bad boss monster: a giant (or titan), the Tarrasque, Orcus, Tiamat, Demogorgon, etc.

Help with magic item wish list

Ok guys - being a bit rusty at D&D I am open for suggestions as far as my magic item wish list goes.

Slygoth is a hit first, ask questions later kind of fighter... in other words, reckless. So, I was thinking of items that add to his protection, healing etc...

Ideas I came up with so far (I'm still working on it) were:
+1 <insert armuor type here> of Light Fortification
+1 Cloak of Resistance
+1 Thundering weapon (Another option here is a Ghost touch weapon that would give Slygoth a chance vs any incorpereals)
Ring of Regeneration

I must admit that the rest of the ideas I came up with were for a character of much higher level.

So, any ideas/thoughts you want to throw my way?

Zorn, Sengir, Gadrain (& Shert): Adventuring Group Name Ideas


I like the idea of our group of PCs forming an adventuring group.

Some ideas so far:
  • Order of the Electrum Star;
  • The Brazen Band;
  • Knights of Candlekeep (since we're all coming from Candlekeep); or
  • Heroes of the Heartlands (since Candlekeep is in the Western Heartlands).

Figured (either now or down the line) we'd all have something like a signet ring, cloak broach, or the like that would bear our group's symbol/heraldic device on it (like an electrum signet ring for the Order of the Electrum Star, a bronze signet ring for The Brazen Band, a cloak or tabard embroidered with a gauntlet holding a lit candle for the Knights of Candlekeep, or perhaps an item bearing a stylized "HH" for the Heroes of the Heartlands).

And now, a bunch of silly name ideas (just to get them out of my system; links there for missed references):
Any ideas? Comments? Suggestions? Contributions?

I like the League of Extraordinary Adventurers

isn't the Tarrasque not in 4.0?

It still is—it's an Abomination now, a living weapon created during the battle between the primordials & the gods.

Thats cool as shit, i do like that story change, although the ominous mysterious terror that shows up everyso many decades to wreak havoc on the word was cool as well


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