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I like the League of Extraordinary Adventurers
What's so extraoridnary about a bunch of 1st level adventurers getting killed on their first adventure... uhh... I mean... let's have fun guys!

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Don't have a 4th book, so this list is largely on behalf of andy's help


You may have to make a sidetrek into the World's Largest Dungeon for number 4. They left a fixer upper down there....

The more I think about it, I think a rather vague team name (like the Brazen Band or Order of the Electrum Star) may be better than the more "specific" ones (like Knights of Candlekeep or Heroes of the Heartlands), since:
  • There's no telling if we'll go back to the areas our team names used (the "source of fame", if you will);
  • It's not exclusive somehow (like the term Brotherhood could be, since a female member will likely join our group in the future); and
  • A rather vague name wouldn't define us outright (such as "Heroes" implying we're good, and there's no telling if our actions will "live up to the hype," so to say).

As it is, I'm leaning toward Order of the Electrum Star (sounds mysterious & doesn't define us off the bat).

As much as I like the others, I think there's little flaws that'll come about if the other names are used (e.g., calling ourselves "Heroes" or "Extraordinary" and not acting very heroic/extraordinary; calling ourselves the "Knights of Candlekeep" and all of the PCs from Candlekeep aren't around anymore; really living up to the "brazen" part of the "Brazen Band" acting impudent, harsh, and shameless, esp. with alleged goody-good types like my LG Paladin & the Silverstar in the group; etc.).

Order of the Electrum Star has a good chance of surviving a lot of changes in & with the party, even if a fair number of PCs in the group don't (as it is, Shert Rhed's name alone isn't a good sign for his survivability—seems that he's got fate working against him).

Well, Rings are really high-level items now (at least 11th lvl.+; the ring of regeneration is an Epic-level item now). IIRC, Garry's wishlist outline is that is should be items at least 5th level or lower (in 4th ed. terms).

With that in mind, magic item options for Slygoth (more than 6)...

Armor: +1 dwarven armor (either chain, scale, or plate); +1 armor of durability (hide, chain, scale, plate)
Weapon: +1 thundering weapon
Arms Slot: bracers of mighty striking
Feet Slot: Surefoot boots
Hands Slot: gauntlets of ogre power
Neck Slot: +1 cloak of resistance; +1 claok of the walking wounded; +1 collar of recovery
Waist Slot: belt of vigor
Wondrous Items: everlasting provisions; bag of holding

Hope this helps

Yeah, sorry, I'm no help at this. I suggest posting in the main forum for help, I've done that once already.

hmmmm, "order" sounds alittle authoritative to me... mabe the coalition of electrum star?

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You may have to make a sidetrek into the World's Largest Dungeon for number 4. They left a fixer upper down there....
TO THE WORLDS LARGEST DUNGEON... briefly... hopefully

Maybe Guild of the Electrum Star?

No such thing as a "brief" journey into the World's Largest Dungeon... that is if you're intent is to get out alive....

And the fixer-upper ain't worth it. Get a new model, under warranty.


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