The Roster

The Roster

Please post in this thread a single post container your character's name, gender, age, race, and physical description.

Name: Regius de Lyer
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 20

Lean and wiry, with black hair, grey eyes and handsome, chiselled features. Regius is normally well-groomed, well-dressed, and places great significance in his appearance. It is therefore rather unfortunate that his once beautiful green velvet suit is scagged and torn and that he has lost all of his possessions, including some fine laces and expensive jewellery. Neverthless, he maintains an air of superiority and the certainty that his current ill fortune is merely a temporary inconvenience.

Name: Kyle Foxburr of Fair Downs

Race: male Halfling (age 24)

Kyle is a lightly-tanned Halfling, with lustrous shoulder-length red hair arranged in dreadlocks, sparkling green eyes and a scoundrel’s smile. A careful observer would notice that the last joints of the fingers on his left hand have been cut off, all save the thumb.

Though he is fussy about always being clean-shaven, Kyle does not care much for his wardrobe... as long as it shelters him from the elements and has lots of pockets, he's happy. Usually he dons an old robe of grey wool, trimmed with white fur. Its great floppy sleeves have pockets hidden inside. Kyle is always tucking things into those sleeves and producing other things from them: scrolls, vials, snacks, trinkets, wands, more snacks...

NB: Kyle's robe is currently splattered with dried mud-stains

Name: Collin

Age: Late teens early twenties.

Collin stands a shade under six feet with broad shoulders, and is rather average looking with light brown eyes, sandy brown hair down to his shoulders, though usually he's hiding his features under a long off-white robe, and carries a small backpack and
walking staff. He's generally quiet and introspective.


Description:Skeletal in appearance, Naomi's skin is pale and her posture poor from many years spent bending over books and experiments. She is painfully thin and frail looking, with wispy white hair more suited to a ninety-year-old woman than one just entering adulthood. She exists in shades of gray; gray pallor, gray robes, and wide gray eyes deep-set in a gaunt face that rarely smiles.

Name: Tistlelandalon (Thistle)
Gender: Male
Age: 100+
Race: Elf (Forgotten Realms)

Physical Description: Dressed in stark greens and muted grays, Thistle is a shadow in the thick forests around him. Wearing thin layers of leather and cloth, he is recognizable only as a humanoid until his hood is lowered, or his cutting tone heard. With a bow on his back, and two blades on his belt, he seems well equipped to handle any adversity - whether it walks, flies, or slithers.

Name: Narnae Isethian
Gender: Female
Age: 124
Race: Elf (Homebrew)
Origin: The Kingdom of Canstalithon

Physical Description: Narnae is an achingly beautiful, sharp featured, lithe but strong elven female. Her flawless and fair skin is the color of pale blue and silver moonlight reflecting from the surface of still water. Her mid-back length raven black hair is naturally straight but is kept in a single long braid if she expects battle. Her almond shaped eyes are purple, and flecks of bright sapphire blue glitter in them when her gaze catches the light. She wears simple, but clean clothing of neutral forest colors, and dull brown studded leather armor, all covered by her grey-ish royal blue hood and cloak. A longsword of elven make with a wide hand guard is strapped to her left hip, there is a blue and white painted heavy wooden shield depicting a dancing silver Unicorn on her back, as well as a club, two quivers of white fletched arrows, a longbow of elven make, and her traveling gear (backpack). The avatar in my profile is how I imagine Narnae in appearance.

Name: Rhyoick Silvermoon
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Race: Elf
Origin: Silverymoon

Physical Description: Rhyoick is tall and lithe of frame and fleet of foot. He was raised in a primarily human environment and picked up many of their strange mannerisms. His dark hair hangs about his shoulders, styled with a few twisted braids that are plaited the length of his hair. He dresses in dark clothing and wears a grey cloak pinned with a half-crescent moon. He is handsome with fair skin and deep-set eyes and stands with a certain ease and confidence.

Name: Iounn Hoenir
Gender: Female
Race: Human

A young woman, seeming to have only just emerged from girlhood, stands before you. She is little more than five feet tall. She is slender and not a callous or scar can be seen on her smooth, perfect skin. Clearly, she has gotten by so far with her brains rather than the obvious lack of brawn. Her hair is a light brown, or perhaps red, or maybe a dark blonde; it all seems to depend on the light. Her large, round eyes are dark blue and seem to shine with the mischievous light of youth. Every once in a while, her gaze will unfocus and a shadow of something far older than this girl flickers across her face. A small, crooked smile seems to be a permanent fixture on her lips.

Name: Asclepius
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Asclepius has short, thick black hair, a beard to match, with dark hazel eyes and olive toned skin. He wears a chainmail vest over his long black travelers robe, with a small steel buckler strapped to one arm, a large shoulder bag slung across his chest, and a small pouch containing the bullets for his leather sling in them.

A silver holy symbol hangs from his neck, depicting the grinning face of the Ruby Lady herself, Wee-Jas.

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