Character Sheets

Character Sheets

This is the thread for posting characters. Please include all of the information from your application as well as a wishlist for your character through your current level +6.

Please post only once in this thread.

Name: David Adamson-Belmont
Bloodline: Belmont
Race: Human
Class: Fighter

Name: Mizuchi Hakuba

Bloodline: Hakuba

Spiritually awakened Human

Reskinned Panther Spirit Shaman
Onmyouji with Kudakitsune familiar

Name: Esmeralda Halimond aka Emi Belnades
Bloodline: Belnades
Race: Human
Class: Sorceress

Name: Alistar Morris
Bloodline: Morris
Race: Human
Class: Runepriest

Name: Frederick
Bloodline: Order of Eccelsia
Race: "Human" (Elf)
Class: Seeker

Name: Christina Belmont
Bloodline: Belmont
Race: Human
Class: Swordmage

Name: Rourke
Bloodline: Gandolfi
Race: Human (Dwarf)
Class: Invoker

Name: Mason Cronqvist
Bloodline: Cronqvist
Race: Human (Shardmind)
Class: Warlock


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