The Schafer Movement

Could make an intriguing movie if it weren't something the Guardians want hidden. Kertenkele is a remarkably smart hobgoblin.

1. Kertenkele has heard vague rumors of curses surrounding the Schafer Movement. Supposedly it's bad luck in some unpleasant fashion.

2. The Schafer Movement originates from Switzerland in the early 19th century, and is associated with a Mage known as Hippolyte Schafer.

3. Fraulein Schafer was a watchmaker's daughter, and a member of the Nameless groups that would later become the Free Council. She died in Geneva in 1821.

4. The Genevan Guardians of the Veil have done quite a bit to hide pretty much all details of Fraulein Schafer's life and her work, and they are not the nice and forgiving types when people start poking around.