OOC Thread Archive.

OOC Thread Archive.

Your normal Out of Character thread, where we discuss the weather and place morbid bets on our character's rapidly rising Insanity scores. Standard stuff.

If you'd like, you can hold tight on creating your character sheet threads: I know that I have a template placed there for it, but at the moment I'm trying to collect all of my mechanical notes about your mechanical builds. So you maybe would like to wait and see what problems I noticed about your builds that you'll need to go back and fix anyway.

EDIT: Oh yes, if you have a specific sort of request about the manner in which your character is introduced in the forthcoming IC prologue chapter, by all means run it by me. Some of you may be arriving on an airplane, some will already be on Ark and suffering through school, and at least one of you will possibly be sleeping in a vat as we start.

If you need me to, I can stand in for the OD until you get someone more permanent for the job. I could either role up a whole (or most of) a character sheet, or just wing it. Maybe instead of have an actual Captain/Major/Colonel (Something happened to/prevented the original OD from showing up in time for the first attacks) the base has to make do with a more junior member, or the base Commander can run things himself.

Just checking in to make sure you know I'm here, guys.

So it seems that I have been given no choice but to watch the US World Cup game now, which I will dutifully do. After I am done with that, I shall carefully review everyone's character sheet one final time and tell you what might need to be fixed. Then we can get started on this... campaign... thing.

In the meantime, feel free to introduce yourselves and polish your character applications in the Game application thread (drop a message to me here or elsewhere if you do so).

I'm here. I'll get my sheet fixed tomorrow, really I'm good to go anyway.

So who actually understood most of the End of Evangelion and Dead and Rebirth? Trippy yet heavy stuff right there.

If any of you wish to change your Unit designation to something better fitting, now is likely the time to do so. Here's my characteristically overwrought analysis of your Eva construction rolls, attempting to fit your characteristics into a unified 'timeline' of Project Eva construction to help you all out with the decision-making process. These are merely suggestions.

Eva design numbersThe '04' designation currently taken by Ekman's character I think suits his Evangelion reasonably well (it's a brutal combat model which shows some purpose to the design, yet is hampered by less-then-complete test data and the fact that the Russians who made it employed their standard design viewpoints to the process). It seems to have been biologically over-engineered to be a dangerous close-combat weapon with plenty of "reserve" parts in the spirit of all good Russian weapons systems, yet the design turned out to be structurally flawed due to their simplified approach of mashing together batch-grown components. They also resorted to inefficient yet cheaper heavy metals to match the high-tech lightweight alloys employed by other Evangelions.... resulting in a paradoxically less well-armored machine. But at least they erred on the side of giving it better freedom of combat mobility for the trade-off. It might deserve to be knocked down to 03 or 02, perhaps. You decide.

Ambon's unit looks like it learned from the Russian team's technical design mistakes well, but still didn't have enough data to avert the 'desirable' quality of Unit 04's battle-lust. Their system was still by no means standardized, as evidenced by having the wacky mutation result of Photosynthetic which nobody else seems to have successfully duplicated afterwards. The Marker Light array represents some advanced thinking and it's an otherwise well-balanced system, but I don't know that it shows the complete togetherness of a model 15 with all the test data implied behind it. I'd say it would make a good 05 though.

Sicarius07's Unit 15/12 (you have both in differing places) doesn't seem too unlikely a number range but it has a number of idiosyncratic (but not necessarily bad) design features like Hulking and Weapon Rack that implies that the builders (I should also say growers) were working with good baseline data and perhaps had an abundance of random spare parts from previous projects, but had conflicting viewpoints on how it was all supposed to mesh together and not enough funding to make their various visions work. Dormant seems like it could simply be a side-effect of being overly cautious with their neural uplink work, perhaps due to concerns about how Unit 04 turned out. In the end inefficiencies in the conflicting systems gave a result that was too power-hungry, kind of like Windows Vista. It might be better off in a mid-range somewhere... split the difference at "06" or thereabouts, perhaps.

Samaelryn's Evangelion should likely increase it's model number a good bit. 02 seems low for a model that was practically custom-made to accommodate the pilot's militaristic fighting style and got a great roll for it's bonus construction points. Invasive is simply what happens when they learned their lessons from Sicarius07 and Ekman's models too well and figured they had a lock on this Synchronization thing, then underestimated the mental strength of their construction. I'd go with maybe 08 or 09 for you, or even step into the double digits.

Unit 13 from Mask_De_H has some legitimate reasons for it's awkward designation... the Irish organization was working with far less comprehensive data then more directly NERV-connected groups and might have had to expend considerable time and effort in failed models which subsequently had their production numbers scrapped, plus the lead scientist was slightly off his rocker, and timeline-wise it probably suits the character of Subject 13 to be introduced as a new arrival anyhow. It's definitely a well-thought out design though... Calm and Stabilizers are both conceptually sound traits for a defense-based unit which seeks to protect the innocent and never give ground. Pressurized Blood is simply a weird sympathetic biological by-product of the pilot's own hot blooded damn-it-all approach to combat, one suspects.

Be sure to watch your individual private threads for my final judgements of your character sheets. Once you've fixed any stuff I find that you need fixing, you are cleared to post a new thread with your character sheet using the Template given.

EDIT: allright, I'm operating on limited sleep tonight. Some of you have completed character notes already, some not. Expect them to be finished tomorrow!

Just posting to say that I'm here. I should say that I might have limited comp access until Monday (28th) on account of G20 shenanigans, but I'm still in!

Well I didnt get in as a pilot, but thankfully my profile was built to fall back on operations director just in case with a few key detail changes. ^^ ~Edits~

There we go.
Also, it's fun reading information on the pilots so far. ~Gives a thumbs up to both of them~

Well, aside from one reply I'm hearing a lot of "no comment" about anyone's preferred status at the campaign start. Which is fine by me, I'll just set you up however I feel is appropriate.

Expect the IC thread sometime tonight! The Operations Director who ends up being chosen in the ongoing selection pool will make their glorious entrance at a moment of suitable drama sometime afterward.

That's what she said?


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