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Hmm.. I had understood it to be two different students.. But I like Ambon's post more :P

~Wakes up after 5 hour nap and yawns~

Hmm, wonder if I should go back and tweak my application a little since it may take a bit before OD introduction, or attempt to go back to sleep?

Originally Posted by Dark080matter View Post
Do whatever. You'll have warning when I'm about to choose the OD.
Then I choose, late night Drive Through RUN! ~Goes to find clothes and Wallet~ Hmm, but where to eat? ~ponders simply nuking a steam-able bag of veggies~

Hmmm... So quiet...


There. That's better.

Great, now we have to listen to echoing screams... We're not in the eva plugs yet people. xD

lol, just making sure we have the right ambiance in place...

Oh I think there will be plenty of such ambiance during the first angel attacks. xD


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