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. . .Wow, I just had this ominously odd feeling of 'Why am I thinking that Nerv will end up assigning the twins to the OD since they dont have a residence or a guardian planned it seems?' and thus serve as an intro moment for OD. But then again, ~holds chin~ I think an apartment for the two of them or if they simply requested to stay in the entry plug for a room would be good too.. ~Continues contemplation of the scenario at hand~

I don't see why that can't still happen.

Since I'm on the verge of picking an Ops Director anyway, the timeline still could allow it. The choice of OD I make will influence how I introduce them though, which might make the above scenario more or less likely.

Well in case it happens while im out, best of luck to everyone. ~waves~ Im going to go do some late night shopping so I can stay home tomorrow on my day off. ^^

I know what you mean. Much wild partying occured on the 3rd and 4th, and I don't want to go anywhere. Or move, if I can help it. (I am apparently the only person in my family qualified to carry heavy things, like coolers full of ice and cans. Uphill.)

And good luck to all.

I should've foreseen this in chargen, but Jesus referring to Subject 13 as twins is confusing the hell out of me. I have to re-read the establishing posts to make sure both of the bodies aren't there at once :P

The insanity is delicious. So very delicious.

Wait, is it actually two bodies or one body that morphs between two forms, or is it just someone who happens to be a clone that simply has a multiple personality disorder and simply thinks they 'transform'? (Is apparently becoming slightly confused by what people are saying and how he's been reading it)

DarkMatter: Hey, I used Renny first. In my first IC post, to be exact.
Loth: One consciousness with two halves: female (Renny) and male (Renton). Each half has a matching body, but the total consciousness gets shoved in one body at a time. They flick back and fourth after prolonged time in LCL/Synching with the Evangelion. When "straight", one personality does most of the talking and the other acts as voices in the other's head.

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