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I would have Amanda look into it.. but with an abysmal Fellowship of 19... that wont happen. Not the way I roll out of combat, anyway.

Does increasing Jack's Eva's Agility bonus from 3 to 4 (39->40) affect anything on the sheet?

Also, do you want his rock band subplot be in the private thread with the weekly rolls?

It changes your speed values, so you should double check both the personal scale speed chart (that is, straight out of Dark Heresy) and the EVA speed chart (very back of the Evangelion chapter, after weapons) and update those.

Post rolls and intentions in the private thread, I'll bring it (that is, the summary of what happens) back to the Public thread in a moment (you're about to have some new band members).

Just thought I should share the playlist I enjoy while working on my own AdEva campaign - you can find it here.

Just so you guys know, Dark didn't leave me any notes, otherwise I would be moving things along.

Allow me to collect my notes and respond to some private threads for a bit here. Some brief scene-transition time with the pilots in the Ready Room discussing what they know and don't know of current developments might not be out of place, expect me to set that up before the end of the night. Lots of people are handling holiday business I am sure so this combat may not directly start until after Christmas has come and gone, but we'll see.

As for the Pilot Replacements, I'm sorry this timeline keeps slipping but such is life around December. Give us a moment for a group huddle.


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