Chloe O'Rourke

I can change the number if you want. 15 isn't a particularly lucky or auspicious number.

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you said hold off on character posting. Did you fix the template?
edit: Disregard.

My apologies!

I gave you Samaelryn's advice for Amanda by accident. I don't know how in the world that happened.

Anyway, here's what Chloe needs to take care of. The method that Characteristic advances work is with a non-stacking bonus of +5, then a +10, then a +15, and finally a +20 maximum upgrade. You went with +10 out of the first Synch Ratio advancement, which isn't correct. Your Synch Ratio should instead be 66. Of course, a characteristic advance stacked with the A10 Sensitive trait would achieve the exact results you listed. I must need sleep or something!

Your Evangelion's head should have 3 wounds, not 4.

Everything else seems kosher to me.

As soon as possible, Chloe wants to call her Mom and ask her what the hell (though not in that terminology) is going on, what the Angel was, and the Eva's. I assume she's not getting much, but she's definitely asking.

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As soon as possible, Chloe wants to call her Mom and ask her what the hell (though not in that terminology) is going on, what the Angel was, and the Eva's. I assume she's not getting much, but she's definitely asking.
This can certainly happen. I'd say we could open up a private thread to represent this happening earlier in the week, but simply for expediency of multiple character plots why don't you just call her in "the present" of Chapter 2 during this class trip. Use as many or as few Private tags as you like, depending on how far you're willing to try to stray from the class group.

This is a perfectly fine time to have such a conversation. I'm sure the class trip will be totally boring anyway!

Some notes about Chloe's parents, as I envision them.

Morgan is definitely damaged goods. Routinely beaten by her father, she finds herself unable to trust people. The only exception is her husband. She doesn't love him traditionally. It's rather impossible for her as this juncture. But she does admire him and his confidence. They fought often due to differences in personality, scheduling, and especially due to frustrations in raising Chloe when they knew she'd be selected as a Child. It didn't help that Morgan thought Liam was unfaithful because of his large number of female friends.

She has absolutely no clue how to raise a child. She has uncomfortable flashbacks to her own troubled upbringing raising Chloe. This has served to distance Chloe from her. She thinks she's a terrible mother, and doesn't know what to do about it. She does, however, care deeply about her.

She is uncomfortable in social situations. She gets flustered very easily. She doesn't like to argue with Chloe.

She is, however, unquestionably brilliant, organized, and well-read in the field of computer science. An asset to NERV.

Liam is supposedly dead, but he doesn't need to be a gender-swap of Yui. Since there's been no confirmation of anything, if you need a hostage for a secret organization, or mole into a secret organization, or double agent, or anything, Liam can be that guy. He's amusing and practically writes himself.

Liam O'Rourke is a genius botanist. Pure and simple. He's also as charming as they come. Supremely self-confident, he boasts that he got a job at NERV after charming a scientist at a bar. This statement has not been confirmed true. The amount of random trivia he has soaked up over his life is nothing short of astounding. He can get by on the basics whether talking about literature, history, science, or pop culture. The one thing he is woefully out-of-date on is music, but this is by choice. They just don't make classics like they used to.

He always seems to miss a belt loop, or have a piece of shirt untucked, or missing a spot shaving. He also has a very distinct way of walking.

Liam absolutely adores Chloe. He told her bedtime stories and explained (in the way of fathers to children) why things are. He really wasn't a very good disciplinarian, and wasn't around very often because of his work, but the time they shared, they made the most of.

The number of people that can read the chicken-scrawl that he calls penmanship can be counted on one hand. Coupled with his Irish brogue, well, let's just say he has to explain his point more than once. He doesn't like to type.


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