Chloe O'Rourke

"Ummm...yes." Chloe wasn't sure whether or not she was lying. Her relationship with her mother was complicated before the Eva, and the robot had just made it even more inscrutable. Mom worked for NERV, so she must've known beforehand. Must have.

"It's, ummm...weird for you not to be around...I mean...I know you were work, but it's, umm. Well, different. I guess. I think."

There is a reply, Chloe can hear her mother gathering steam for some sort of vaguely-empty comforting statement, but her phone nearly buzzes out of her hand before the sentence is spoken.

It's an automated alert text message from Nerv. One of the female agents is going to be at her home shortly to collect her. Chloe has time for a quick farewell to her mother and to get dressed for a rapid transit to Nerv HQ.


Chloe sighed and sulked for a little bit. The female agent finds her laying down on a couch, a pillow over her head, and her staring rather absently at the wall directly across from it. "I guess it's time again..." The girl sighed...not bothering to greet the agent with any sort of manners. She sighed rather audibly, barely summoning the effort to shuffle her feet toward the car.

Should probably roll for my Depressed negative quality for this new day, or wait off a bit?

Depressive Negative Quality, Target Number: 41, Willpower:
Dice Roll:
d100 Results: 43

Hours Depressed:
Dice Roll:
d5 Results: 1

Chloe is now depressed. Good thing I was playing her that way. She is depressed for 1 hour

Chloe's Gamertag: RedSkyInTheMorning

Gamer History:

Imperial 5
Most used faction: England (Queen Elizabeth)
Most recent achievement: MAD (Build enough nuclear weapons to destroy every tile of the map)
Playstyle: Defensive

Galaxy Warrior
Most Used Character: Averela, Level 90 Cyborg Technowizard
Guild: None
Most recent account activity: Completed Galatic Core Raid, had loot stolen.

Angels and Demons
Character: Hell Champion Invernus Glorianna, Fallen Angel Dark Knight
Guild: None
Most recent achievement: Knocking Down Heaven's Door (Storm Heaven in less than 20 minutes)


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