Subject 13

Subject 13

A place for you and I to discuss matters relating to Renton and/or Renny MacShea, the Thirteenth Child(ren).

Your character sheet.

Are you going to use the career advance scheme that you list in the Creation rolls thread? Because your submission post is lacking a notation of what career advances you want to take.

Anyway, if so, you should know that you need 1 more Structural Upgrade Point to qualify for extra armor (that is a free Structural Upgrade Point that you get from Mysterious Source). You should have 5 wounds on each arm and leg, not whatever else it is you have. Your Strength and Toughness bonuses from the Superior Specimen background trait don't carry over to your Evangelion (I think that this is what you did to get your high-looking Evangelion stats, but I'm not sure).

So, that's a bunch of stuff. Before you make a character sheet post, if you could please post a version of your character so I can review it better (using the template I give in the thread here, so I know what I'm looking at) it would be great.

Okay, here we go. I thought I could use the Structure point to buy more Toughness/Agility.

Character Application
Name Subject 13
Codename Renton MacShea, Renny MacShea
Nationality Listed as Irish, true nationality unknown
Background/Career Path Manufactured/Pointman
Age/Gender 14/Meatbag Dependent

Game sheet
Weapon Skill 36
Ballistic Skill 27
Strength 33
Toughness 33
Agility 35
Perception 22
Intelligence 34
Willpower 33
Fellowship 31
Synch Ratio 57

Fate Points 2/2
Driven Point 1/1

Background Traits
Embraced Expendability [Gains Resistance (Fear) talent]
Superior Specimen [Strength, Toughness, Agility +3.]
Warped Mind [-5 Perception]
Mental Conditioning [You must succeed on a difficult (-10)Willpower Test to disobey any direct order in combat by members of the organization that created you/heralds you]

Driven [Conditional Fate Point for incredible odds/not backing down from superior enemy/playing Super Robot anime tropes straight. Can't be burned, and is separate from normal Fate Point pool] (200 xp)
Mad Skill [Any time you gain 1+ Insanity Points, burn a Fate Point to get half Insanity score to all rolls for 5 turns. Afterward, roll on Trauma table] (200 xp)

Fanatical [Devotion to Super Robot anime morality; never give up, protect everyone, courage makes 1% 100% and all that rot] (+200 xp)
Short Fuse [When confronted or stressed, Willpower test or flip out and/or trash things] (+100 xp)
Damaged Goods [1d5+5 insanity points] (+100 xp)

Trained Skills
Logic, Deceit, Speak (English), Speak (Gaelic), Literacy, Carouse, Dodge

Plugsuit, Nerv ID

Career Advances
AT Deflect
AT Neutralize
Skill Prof(Carouse, Dodge)
Melee Weapons Training(General)
Basic Weapons Training(General)
Weapon Upgrade Point
AT Ping (100 xp)
Hotblooded (100 xp)
Halt Advance (100 xp)
Melee Weapons Training (Progressive) (100 xp)

Ego Barrier 100%
Insanity Points 7

Evangelion Sheet
Evangelion Unit 13 (Dull Purple/Dark White)

Movement 6/12/18/36

WS 51
BS 42
Str 35
T 32
Ag 33


Prog. Knife [1d5+4 R, Pen 3, Progressive]

Pallet Gun [Basic, Range 30, RoF S/-/3, 1d10 I, Pen 0, Clip 6, Rld: 1Full, Inaccurate, Unreliable]

Axe [1d10+6]

Current Synch Ratio 57%
ATS 0 / 0 / 5

Distinguishing Features

Calm [+10 to resist Fear, roll twice to Berserk.]
Pressurized Blood [The Evangelion's circulatory system is babies. Roll twice on a bleed, take the worst result.]
Stabilizers [Gains the Sturdy trait]
Mysterious Source [Gains +1 Structural Upgrade and some plot hooks.]

Wounds Chart
Hit location (AP) Wounds/Current:
01-10 Head (2) 3/3
11-20 Right Arm (2) 5/5
21-30 Left arm (2) 5/5
31-70 Body (4) 9/9
71-85 Left leg (2) 5/5
86-00 Right leg (2) 5/5

Biological Upgrade Points / Spent

Structural Upgrade Points / Spent

Weapon Upgrade Points / Spent
[Axe - 1]

Originally Posted by Mask_De_H
I thought I could use the Structure point to buy more Toughness/Agility.
Nah, you would have to spend Biological Upgrade Points to increase your EVA's toughness. Barring some modifiers based on EVA generation rolls, your Agility score piloting Unit 13 will usually be identical to the personal-scale Agility of the pilot. So increase your pilot's Agility in the normal fashion through Characteristic upgrades (see the chart for the Pointman career on the top of page 46), and that will directly translate to your EVA.

Well, here are some changes to the sheet for you to make.

So that nobody forgets, it would be helpful if you included the Driven conditional fate point as it's own section right under your regular Fate points section. [Driven 1/1]

Comparing Subject 13's characteristics to your Char Gen rolls, I see that you ended up swapping the scores for Intelligence and Perception in the end. That's fine, but you forgot to note the -5 penalty to Perception that you chose for the Warped Mind drawback. So just drop your Perception by a further 5 to 22.

Speaking of Perception, you took the Awareness skill two different places on your sheet... once as one of the starting skill proficiencies, and then again when you spent 100 xp on the Pointman career's Awareness spot. I appreciate the enthusiasm, but buying the skill twice is unnecessary! I know that it's a bit counter-intuitive, but actually the fact that "Awareness" appears on your career advancement chart at all is an artifact of the previous skill system in the game (the various careers used to only be able to buy skills that were on their advancement charts, similar to how Dark Heresy works, until the Ad Eva developers decided that didn't really fit the nature of the game and scrapped it). So rather then bothering with that, instead every skill under the sun is now covered by the "Skill Proficiency" Talent, which simply lets you train in any one skill of your choice every time you take it. The only difference is when you see something like "Awareness +10" on the career advancement chart... that actually means something. Or it would except even those are relics of the previous system, as the "Skill Training" and "Skill Mastery" talents are the Ad Eva system's universal replacements for those too. Unless they're meant to stack, which I'm not yet sure of.

Going back to your character sheet, it would be in your interest to, you know, do something about that. Either choose a different free starting skill from your Career's beginning talents, or take back the 100 xp you spent and spend them on something else. Or, considering how low your Perception is after the Warped Mind penalty you took.... do both and just scrap Awareness completely. That would be my personal recommendation.

Assuming you take a refund on the 100 xp, you might consider throwing it into a 2nd SUP, which would let you spend them on getting the "Armor Enhancement I" structural upgrade (see page 70 of the Evangelion chapter). Or you could spend it on a 2nd Weapon Upgrade Point, which would let you take something like a Progressive Axe, which would be quite the upgrade from the one you currently have. The only downside to the Progressive Axe would be that until you get the Melee Weapon Training (Progressive) talent, you're in danger of breaking any progressive weapons you wield on a particularly bad WS roll (any attack roll of 71 or above in your case, why it's this number is explained later). The third good option might be the "A.T. Ping" talent which would let you... well, I'll let you figure that one out. It's on page 173 of the Absolute Territory chapter. Suffice to say it's basically better than the Awareness skill in every possible way for the purposes of this game, assuming you're piloting your EVA.

Oh, about your Eva's stats. Based on your character generation, you should only have 7 points to allocate between starting Strength and Toughness. So between the two of those, you need to drop 3 points. That really doesn't change anything for you, as aside from maybe the occasional characteristic test (push this collapsed building out of the way or something similar) it's only the "Bonus" for those two stats that will matter to you. A Characteristic bonus is basically just the tens digit of a given characteristic. The Strength bonus is applied as a positive modifier to your melee weapon damage, while the Toughness bonus as a negative modifier applied (along with the armor value of the hit location) to any damage you receive. If your EVA takes an attack worth 11 damage to the chest, for example, with a Toughness bonus of 3 and 4 points of chest armor, the result is only 4 points of damage to the chest. But if the enemy's attack has a Penetration score, then it ignores that much from your armor value for that attack... Sorry for the explanation if you already knew that, it's just that I'm figuring out from speaking with everyone that we are gonna need a serious crash course in Dark Heresy mechanics soon.

So with that in mind your damage values for the Progressive Knife should read "1d5+4" and the Axe should be "1d10+6," assuming a Strength in the range of 30-39 which gives you a +3 Strength bonus on every melee weapon attack you make.

You also need to modify Unit 13's WS and BS. They both are basically your characters scores in that, but +15 for each. So EVA Unit 13 should have a WS of 51 and a BS of 42 whenever Subject 13 is piloting it. The score of 71 and above for a Progressive weapon break is determined by any attack roll with "2 degrees of failure" (page 76 of the Evangelion chapter) that you make... a single degree of failure is every 10 points you miss your characteristic score by.

Oh snap, you edited it three days ago. Due to the number of things I have to keep track of, it's difficult for me to notice post edits unless someone calls them out to me. It's all good though, thanks for being on the ball.

Whenever you're ready go ahead and post a character sheet thread.

Renton and Doctor Taylor have arrived in the Command Center. You were addressed (and offered a hand-shake) by the Operations Director in Lothmar's most recent post. You may wish to edit in some sort of response to him.

Your ATS/ATP readout in your stat block should read 1/1, and it should also list a level of fatigue since you failed the Will check. If you finish spreading your AT Field, your value will read 2/2; ATS rounds down.


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