Creating a Faction in FactionRPG

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Players can customize the configuration of their starting resources in a FactionRPG v3.7 game. Before the game starts, the GM will secretly tell each player how many Build Points (BP) they have with which to purchase their starting assets and profiles. All BP must be spent before the game begins.


Build Points (BP)

Each BP can be spent on:

BP Spent SP Gained BP Spent EP Gained
0 1 0 1
1 2 1 2
2 3 2 4
4 4 3 8
8 5 4 16
... ... ... ...

Specialization Points (SP)

Each SP can be spent on:

  • giving an asset a specialization which the asset will contribute to every action it performs

Espionage Points (EP)

Each EP can be spent on:

  • rendering an asset hidden
  • a profile on a random hidden asset belonging to a faction of your choice on which you do not already have a profile (if the faction has no hidden assets you learn as much and further BP spent on that faction are wasted)

Submission Format

Assets should be submitted in the following format. Copy & paste the tags below.

[ooc='[B]1-A Public Asset[/B]']a brief description of this 1-value public asset[/ooc]
[ooc='[I]2-Some Hidden Asset[/I]']a brief description of this 2-value hidden asset[/ooc] (Hide in Plain Sight)