FactionRPG Playtest Rules

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The Kamigawa game will be using the FactionRPG core rules with the following exceptions:

  • Hidden assets contribute (value - 1) strength to hidden actions.
  • Only Infiltrate can be used to make a "shot in the dark" attack.
  • "Shot in the dark" attacks randomly target the highest value hidden asset unless the faction has specified which hidden asset will be their honeypot for the turn. You cannot exclude assets on which you already have a profile from this attack.
  • When an asset is destroyed, the attacking factions gain (target's value - 1) worth of value to proportionately divide amongst the attacking assets.
  • The increase in value gained from destroying an asset cannot be used to increase reach unless the attack has Cannibalize.
  • Infiltrate actions no longer interrupt Shroud or Enhance actions, only Damage does.
  • Exceptionally successful Infiltrate actions grant 2 profiles instead of one.
  • An asset that is hidden can only be rendered public by A. its owner choosing to do so or B. a player with a profile on the asset choosing to do so. Even if every player has a profile on the same hidden asset, unless this is made apparent to everyone, the asset remains hidden.