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Sometimes I like a little something extra out of my online gaming. There has been a lot of buzz lately about websites where we can put some cash down on our online gaming for xbox or PS3. I have used several of these sites and thought I would share my experiences with them.

Virgin Gaming:

Pros: Big cash prizes, automatic reporting Cons: Noobish user base, inconsistent website makes it hard to find a match sometimes

Virgin is the biggest player with the most marketing dollars behind their site, but their inconsistent website is buggy and confusing. They have automatic reporting on all matches and a wide selection of games, but there seems to be many low rent players who use the service and its hard to find a good challenge.


Pros: Weekly free tournaments with nice prizes, automatic reporting, great website Cons: Still not a lot of users, less games

Rivalspot is a newcomer with a lot of potential, but they are still a bit young. They have weekly tournaments posted on their Facebook page where you can play for free and have a reasonable chance at winning a cash prize at the end. I like their blog, where they post a lot of great sports content, and there are a lot of great players who use the site - it is just still starting out so there aren't as many users online at any given time.


Pros: Easy to find a game, good userbase, good game selection Cons: No automatic reporting

Gamersaloon could be a strong player but to me the lack of automated reporting is a deal breaker. I just can't bring myself to trust some guy in some unknown part of the country being honest about the fact that I just pwned him.

Overall I always try Rivalspot first - they have the most potential IMHO, and when I can't find a match there I jump on to Virgin.

I know there are other similar sites out there, so I was hoping to make this into a thread where we can post about our experiences and maybe hook up for some cash gaming.


Pros: Easy to find a game, tons of users, any game you could want, very graphically friendly Cons: Not any I can think of

Crush-Gaming is by far the most user friendly and easiest to use. Also their fees are by far the lowest 5%. The next closest is 15%. Also their rewards program is untouchable! Give it a shot in a few days it goes public, I'm a beta user currently.

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