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The world of Yggdrasil very closely resembles Dark Ages Earth, with a fantastical twist. The continent of Terra Australis Incognita has been untouched by humans, who are only just learning to sail.

The Folk of Terra Australis (dwarves, /races/elves, /races/halflings and /races/gnomes) believe humans to be a legend, due to the fact that they believe there is nothing across the Great Waters.


  • Dwarves have no need for calenders, days or seasons. When it's time to work, sleep, eat or drink, you do that.
  • Elves and humans follow a regular calendar, naming the years after the ruler, followed by the amount of time he/she has ruled so far. ie "4th of March, in the 12th year of King Igneus"
  • The simpler communities use a more vague calendar, dividing the year into suns (days) moons (months) and seasons, and naming years after an event. ie "A summer sun in the year of huge carrots"
  • The world has one purple moon that behaves in all ways like the Moon we all know and love/hate, with one minor difference, a comet which orbits the Moon.
  • There is one yellow sun. Days are 24 hours long.