The Brothers Three

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Fratre Zmaragde, The Brothers Three

Borthers%2BThree%2BSymbol.jpg Sonder and Sons were once a proud sea-faring, merchant family hailing from Rekkenmark. The family holdings were nearly ruined in the war due to Aundairan and Thranish incursions, but their name still carried some weight. They were guilded merchants with ties to House Lyrandar, House Orien and House Cannith. Every generation saw at least one child go to the Rekkenmark Academy--except for this last one. In fact, four out of five children left for parts unknown under suspicious circumstances, leaving only the youngest daughter to carry on the family business. Three of the boys were known to associate with the Emerald Claw and actually made a small name for themselves in skirmishes all over Khorvaire with some spectacular feats of martial bravado and intrigue backed up by undeniable derring-do and probably too much chutzpah. They took the name Fratre Zmaragde, the Emerald Brothers, to distinguish themselves from the usual rank and file fanatics that the Emerald Claw had given membership to, since the organization was outlawed in Karrnath. It was said, however, that Brothers' targets were usually taken care of cleanly, with little to no collateral damage. Not something the Emerald Claw was known for.

Makwell Sonder, the Broach


Reev Sonder, the Blonde


Willem Sonder, the Bright


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