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"Foley and Co" is a detective-noir, hopefully large scale campaign based around one of the largest Inquisitive agencies in Khorvaire. Based out of the Dava Gate district of upper city Sharn, Foley and Co now has offices across the globe--including a satellite office in Stormreach and more than a few safehouses in Riedra.

The company's founder and Chief Executive Officer (though he much prefers the title "Chief Inspector") is the renowned Ignatius Foley, former Dark Lantern turned freelance inquisitive. Foley is an aging man past his physical prime, but he's still a legend in the field when paperwork doesn't keep him trapped at headquarters. Though he was asked to resign from his post as a lantern for his methods (which are far too showy for the Citadel's taste), his showmanship bought him attention, and his results won him a successful franchise. However, he would never have gotten so far without the aid of his elite army of intelligence specialists--you. You are one of the infamous "Foley's Finders." You are two parts detective, one part explorer, one part mercenary, and four parts effective. You're gonna make a name for yourself someday; and you've just been promoted to head office.

The company motto is simple:
Anyone, Anything, Anywhere

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