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Yes, this is an AFMBE game that takes place just before the shutting of the gate in

The second movie
Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Original? Nope. Fun? I hope so!

~Looking for 4-5 players
~This thread will close and the game will begin on Monday.
~I can post once or twice after I get home from work, it would be nice if you could too.
~You can apply with just a quick idea about what kind of character you want to play and the archtype.
~Nothing special with character creation. But remember you are fleeing a city, lets be a little realistic.
~You will all be near each other in line. You can be related or have combined backgrounds if you want.
~Let's keep the meta gaming down...but... there might be a good reason to get out of the city... You don't have to though.

In honesty, this will be my first AFMBE game. Because of that and the face that I only have the core book, this will be a core only game.

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