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Estimated players: 5-6 players

Many years ago the Spellplague caused many victims among mortals and deities alike. People were born with taints of the past event, and entire lands were changed forever. Faerūn is now slowly recovering, and settlements are restored. Civilization ought to be on a brink of a booming rebirth, if not for recurring invasions from Orcs, Giants and other monsters looming in the darkness.

Light's Dawn, a small city-state emerged from the post-apocalyptic refugee camp. People from many races prospered on the aspect of cooperation and acceptance. Humans, Dwarves, Elves and even the enigmatic Dragonborn called the City-state their home and are the major races inhabiting the city.
Its towers overlook the Land's Mouth, bordering the forest called Snakewood, situated near The Dragon Coast. It emerged to become a strong trading partner of surrounding cities and allied itself with Fort Morninglord, who supplies regiments of soldiers to defend from the creatures emerging from The Land's Mouth.
Soon, expeditions waned the monster's populations and the city expanded rapidly.

You grew up in Light's Dawn, but life would turn grim when the sky darkened above the city. A bald man with a grim look, who stroked his darkened goatee stood in front of the gate. An orange tattoo shaped like a wyrmlike drake covered half his face.
when the guards hailed him, he roared with a million voices, heard in the entire city. Windows burst and the sky cracked red lightning. Homes burned and the towers crumbled. Undead skeletons of varying shapes busted through the cobblestone streets and dark shades abducted people. Robed figures goaded their undead minions, commanded by the bald man. They murdered indiscriminately. And took the corpses to the citadel at the center of the city. The man was accompanied by a green-robed wizard and a humanoid that had no nose, and lizardlike green skin, with two strokes of hair growing from his upper-lip. In booming voices they uttered malevolent rituals and the corpses where smashes into a red horror of blood and gore. After which a massive crater appeared where the citadel once stood. After this, there was no sound. No undead, no robed figures, no bodies. Except for the ruins of the city that you called home. As you emerged from the rubble, you slowly saw movement, and a handful of other survivors appeared, as shocked and traumatized as you. Now it is up to you what you're going to do...

Character Creation:
PHB 1,2 and 3 allowed. Other options open for discussion. Also: if you want to, you can be Spellscarred.
Usage of the point-buy system according to the PHB, Standard Gold.
You start at level 1.

In the Character-thread, please post the following information:
-Link to character sheet
-Personality **

* - Background, how did you survive the attack; as well as how you experienced the city before it all happened, General info, be creative, but not all too over-the-top.
** - Personality, what kind of person are you? How did the gruesome images affect you?

Further info:
It's as described in the background The Forgotten Realms, so refrain from usage from Eberron and other settings. The setting will deal with traumatic events and psychological impacts. It will be High Fantasy, but it won't avoid horrific events, as well as a grim gritty feel to some aspects. I won't skip humour however.

Your travelling companions will be the other survivors; keep that in mind. If you know fellow players, feel free to incorporate a shared background, the more emotional attachment, the better.

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