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The GM – What’s up sucka’s?! I hail the villain will be your overlord for the duration of this game, if you dare play! Muahaha!
Alright, now that that’s out of my system, I will tell y’all a bit about myself. I am 21, and live up in Canada. I love sleeping in and drinking lots of water. As a GM, I have a bit of experience, but this will be my first time running a game on the Myth-Weavers site. I attempted to get a couple of them up once, but unfortunately circumstances/stress prevented me from doing so. I have been the DM for two groups IRL for Dungeons and Dragons, as well as being the GM for one of those groups for Eclipse Phase, which I actually discovered on this site. I have been the GM for a couple of Pbp games a couple years back on a different site. I can make at the least a post per day, and if I am going to be absent, I will let my players know. Can you dig it?

The Premise – Basically, real people get sucked into a fictional world, and have to work together to survive the new and unfamiliar environment. They can try to find a way to get back home, make a new life in the new world, or attempt to use their new found resources to obtain power. Really, it is fairly open ended, though I do have a path for the characters to follow if they so choose.

The Setting – This is a freeform game. To me, that means just collaborative writing, even if it is described as a game. This game will take place in the world of dungeons and dragons, which could be an opportunity for those who haven’t played or do not have access to the rules to test the waters with a freeform game, and for those who play DnD to try out freeform. I personally am only familiar with fourth edition, so I will be basing everything according to that, though if you want to bring something from another edition into the mix, just fill me in. Remember, ask and you shall receive.

The setting will take place in standard points of light, and I will be using all of the reference material I have available to me to build the world around the characters when necessary. The characters have been summoned to that world for a reason; however, they are real people, and as such probably have goals or ideas of their own. I have a basic plot, but if the characters want to do something completely different compared to what I have planned during the course of the game, I won’t stop them.

The Theme – I want this game to be serious. There can be light points and dark points, and humour is more than welcome, but this is going to be as realistic of a game as possible. So if your character is a comedian, that is fine by me, but that person is still just a human being, and would react to a dangerous situation like any regular person would. This game will be exploring the interpersonal relationships between the characters and the development of each individual as they explore a strange new world and struggle to adapt to the wildly different circumstances, and thus require a certain level of maturity. So be prepared for death, pain, romance (You know the drill with that one), love, hate, broken thoughts, betrayal....and all that intense stuff.

Applications – I want all character applications to be put into the application thread. I will be accepting as many people as I believe I can handle. Usually that ranges from 3 to 6, but we will see what happens. I will give a more concrete answer once there are a few applications.
EDIT: Also, keep all applications private, if you please.

Posting – I can post once a day/every second day at the minimum. I would prefer players to be able to post at the least 5 times per week, though if the players I accept wish to change the posting rate, we can discuss such things.

The Characters – There will be two parts to character creation. First is describing who they are, where they come from, what they do, what they are capable of. The characters will be from the present day world. They can be from anywhere in the world, and can be any age, any occupation, any heritage, and speak whatever language(s) a person could normally speak. If a person wanted to play as an inquisitive ten year old child who is bent on mischief and exploration, that is fine. If somebody wanted to play a battle hardened mercenary who has 40 years of experience under their belt, go ahead. Want to play a corrupt politician? A bus driver? A homeless crazy? A stay at home parent? A black ops assassin? They are all welcome. Why such diversity? Well, because there is such diversity in the real world. As long as everything is realistic and descriptive, then I am fine with whatever character you wish to play.

The second part is deciding what path you want them to take in the magical world of Dungeons and Dragons. For sake of ease, from now on it will be called the Material Plane. This could get tricky, especially if you are a stranger to Dnd. Basically, what I had in mind is taking a race and a class from DnD (preferably from 4e), and applying them to your real world character. Now, this entails a slight bit of metagaming, but I am aiming for mature players, so that really shouldn’t be a problem.

How this will work: Your character will retain their appearance, speech patterns and nuances when entering the Material Plane. They will be an average Joe, not worthy of an adventurer’s status. Basically, the same as before entering the Material Plane. However, as time goes on and the character begins to understand and accept their role in the Material Plane, changes will occur. The changes will be very evident, some physical, some in the characters abilities. They will become stronger and more capable the more they persist and work together in a new environment. Characteristics of a race from the DnD world will begin to show. If you had chosen a Drow as your characters racial path beforehand, then maybe their hair will turn silver, or their eyes will glow green in sunlight and red in darkness. If you chose Dragonborn beforehand, then perhaps your character will grow coloured scales on the backs of their hands and feet or around their eyes. If you chose a Shardmind, then perhaps you will begin to emit a soft glow, or your features will become more crystalline. The characters will still remain human in form, but will obtain small features of their chosen race. The characters will be able to access the special abilities of their chosen DnD race as time goes on. A Tiefling character will become resistant to fire. A Warforged will character will cease the need to eat or sleep. A Thri-Kreen character will be able to scale walls and jump great lengths with no trouble.

They will also learn the traits of the class you chose beforehand. A character that was chosen (ordained) to be a sorcerer will begin to feel the magic running through their veins. A rogue will become more dexterous and skilled with the typical tools of the trade. A Vampire will grow fangs and obtain wicked speeds. The characters will learn to utilize their talents and come out as the class they were designed for.

I want at least 1,000 words spread between History, Personality and The Event. If you cannot write that, then boo hoo, you are not accepted. This game will rely on even the smallest details. If your character comes into the Material Plane with a revolver gun, or an Ipod, or a laptop, a cellphone, a lighter, or anything of the like, it will be significant. Your character will be taken from the real world at a random point in time, and thus will likely have on them everything they use in a regular day. An engineering student will probably have a backpack full of books and a longboard or something of the like on them when they are taken. Describe the cover of the books. Describe the griptape and colour of the graphics, the style of board, if the backpack uses zippers or Velcro... Stuff like that. Also, once the characters enter the Material Plane, they will automatically speak Common, and it will appear to the characters that everyone is speaking their native tongue. Now to get to how I want the layout:

THE CLOSING DATE: This will be on Thursday, August the 31st, at 11:59 P.M.
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I think I covered everything, but I am bound to forget. So shoot me, I'm human.

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