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A talented singer, poet, and great thinker, he was a favorite of the smallfolk and well loved by many nobles. In his childhood, he favored books over swords, spending much of his youth in study until, one day, he set aside his studies and took up the sword. He was knighted at the age of seventeen and

The apprentice's head jerked up from the page to make sure that he was still alone. It would not be good if he were to be found reading the journal, but the maester's reading room was still empty but for him. Piles of books and scrolls were stacked from wall to wall, blocking out the early afternoon light. It would have been impossible to read but for the lone tallow candle he lit. The glass candle perched on a pedestal opposite the desk, tall and twisted and foreboding. Perhaps it was only his imagination, but the dark green glass seemed to swallow up what light the candle threw its way. Or perhaps it wasn't.

He forced his to eyes return to the page, squinting as he tried to read the less-than-graceful script with haste. Time was not something he had in abundance, he knew. He scanned through the words and turned the page. And turned again. And again. Then, finally, he found what he was looking for.

I have managed to secure a copy of the book. It does not bode well for us. We who have lost so much... and yet ignorance reigns, urged on by the bleating of grey sheep. There is little time. Winter is coming. A raven flies to the Wall as I write this. Maester Aemon must

A heavy door on the floor below groaned and creaked as it opened and closed. The sound of heavy footsteps climbing the stair sent a chill down his spine. Quickly, the apprentice closed the journal and returned it to the drawer it had come from. He blew out the candle and hid in the dark corner by the door and peeked from behind a tall stack of books. He tried to swallow his fear but found that his throat was as dry as ash.

The door to the reading room swung open and a squat, ale-bellied man stepped through, took two steps, and stopped. He smells the candlesmoke, the apprentice realized with dread. The light was behind the man, which left his face shrouded in shadow, but he could see the Valyrian steel ring around one finger well enough. It disappeared from view as those huge hands clenched into fists.

Hello and welcome to A Trail of Fire and Blood, a game set in the world of the A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels by George R. R. Martin. This game uses Green Ronin's A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying rules and I, rumbleweed, will be your GM. If you don't have the Core Rulebook, you can check out the Quick-Start Rules here.

A Trail of Fire and Blood is set in Westeros in the year 291 AL, two years after Greyjoy's Rebellion and seven years before the events in A Game of Thrones. Robert Baratheon has secured peace for his rule, but the game of thrones goes on. Trust is a commodity as players move their pieces and strive to rise in the hierarchy of power. Meanwhile, the Maesters of the Citadel trade in a different currency as they seek to bury secrets and shape the land according to their vision. But is it wisdom or hubris that drives them? And, should they succeed, will it save the realm or damn it? Winter has not come yet come, but the trail of fire and blood is quickly growing cold...

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