A Dying Ember: Shades of Delusion

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This is to be a gritty, high RP epic. Not epically leveled per se, but a tale of scope and depth.

Though I will lead and introduce possible storylines, the main decisions and directions are yours, for better or for worse. This game will be a bit of a headtrip with much of what you see and seem but a dream within a dream. There will be times you will not be sure what is real and what is surreal, but I will always be dropping hints and clues, and in the end you'll see how everything comes together... if you survive.

I will not fudge rolls, to help myself, or you. I like my fantasy realistic, and your characters may not last to see things through, but in even the most dire circumstances I always leave some type of loophole. You'll have fun with it either way, I assure you.

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