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Enma: Introductions

Welcome to the world of Enma.

Inkwell, a small village fairly untouched by civilization, it's politics and strife is host to our first adventure. This unassuming looking village is supposedly host of the wondrous material known as Keirancite. Claimed to be able to revive the dead, to treble one's own strength, to transport one through space and time or even to grant one's inner most desires, Keirancite is sought the world over by many. With it's extremely rare occurrence, the Council of Mages is always on the look out to study it and there are always thieves and adventurers hot on the trails of any of the rumors it spawns.

The Council of Mages have already heard about the rumor in Inkwell, that they stole Keirancite from a holy place. Although not confirmed they sent a representative to investigate the rumors. Edgar Arrowthorn a Magic User is already hunting for the Keirancite. Of course, he isn't the only one looking for Keirancite and if it weren't for Keirancite, you would never have found yourself contemplating this village either way.

Whatever your story, Keirancite will have a role to play it always does. Drawing in anyone remotely curious.

There's one minor problem. Every village that actually had held Keirancite and wasn't under the influence of "The Kingdom" has been raised the ground quite quickly after the rumors emerged. It's said that swarms of Goblins appear out of nowhere and swarm until they find their prize, disappearing as quickly as they came, having left the village a smoldering pile of ruins and as many inhabitants as possible slaughtered.

The question is. If the the Keirancite is in Inkwell, can you find it before the Goblins arrive?

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