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ݲ‗■izing linguistic program... program synchronized.

Habitable world detected. Establishing orbit... established.

Beginning cryogenic data feed...

You are among the last of your race. Your progenitors have scattered what few of your people are left among the stars, in the hopes that total extinction will be avoided. This ship has made a journey across time and space, and is now in orbit above a viable world. It is the hope of the ruling council that you will integrate with the indigenous population, prosper, and eventually procreate and keep our species alive.

Genetic manipulation will give you the appearance of a native of this planet. For your own safety, and to prevent any unwanted curiosity into your home, all knowledge save for this message will be erased from your memory. Your own natural abilities will give you an advantage over the native life of this world - use it wisely.

End of line...

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