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The land of Kanto has changed a good bit with the discovery of more Pokemon (up through the new Black and White) and some of these has changed the perceptions of people about Pokemon, leaving scientists busy trying to study each form of pokemon that has been found and of course there are even more that would be undiscovered at this point in time.

Team Rocket is back to their old shenanigans of trying to steal Pokemon from people and rule the world, though since Geovanni was beaten he has retired from the business so there is a new way of doing things.

The Heroes (and heroines) will start in Pallet town, as did Ash Ketchem.

Create your characters at level 1 with whatever starter you want and I will approve as needed. Make sure that the Pokemon that you choose as a starter isn't something that is overly rare (eevee, railou, etc) or a legendary. Also all Pokemon have to be in their lowest evolutionary form, yes, even if it's 'baby' form like Magby or Igglybuff.

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