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  • Created Aug 27 '11
  • Last Post Yesterday at 8:39pm
  • Status Running
  • System D20 Modern

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For some reason or another you have discovered sliding technology, got sucked into a vortex, or simply slipped and fell into an open wormhole. However you discovered sliding now you're in it. Whether your goal is to find your way back home, discover new tech, explore new dimensions or otherwise you've already slid 1d6-1 times (if you roll a 1 then this is your 1st slide).

Once each of you have expressed interest in this game and have come up with the kind of character you want to make then we will figure out what classes you need to build on and we'll hash out the details as to how you've managed to end up with this motley crew of sliders (Of course we can also do this in game since I don't have an issue moving you guys along individually until your paths cross). Now feel free to make your character from another dimension if you'd like. Just present the reality to me and I'll let you know if it's approved (Possible rewards for creativity).

Books: d20 Modern, Future, Past, Cyperscape, Urban Arcana...(pretty much all but Dark Matter).

Players: Constant flow (as in if you start and then leave your character might accidentally slip during a slide while being NPC'd or they might just miss it).

The Current Date Is: March 23rd, 2010
PL: Will vary by character and dimension but current is PL 5.
Gadgets Allowed if you can afford them.

Now for the CRUNCH

Character Creation:
Character Level: 6

42 Point Buy (Did I mention you all are extraordinary?)

Action Points: Last Three Levels (You've been taking it easy)

HP: Max for Each Level.

Special: Each time you slide there is a chance the rip in dimensions might affect you in a benificial way. The 1st time you slide it will be 5% then it goes up by 3% each time you slide maxing out at 21% (roughly your 7th slide) each time you slide roll 1d100. If the result is less than 21% then we will determine your benefits.

Plot Line Requirements: None.

Other: Some of you will have dimensional machines that will allow you to slide. This will be based upon your backstories so be creative if you want to end up with one or you could just tag along with the rest of the group without one.


Applications should include your character's:
Physical Description:


Place apps here and then once you're selected (even without an actual character sheet yet) I'll start you off with your own solo thread where we can start the game and hash out the details.


This game can be as serious or as fun as you make it so let's have some fun.

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