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You've all heard stories about the Nine Hells; now you're in them. Just over one year ago, out of a clear sky, a meteor descended upon capital city of Vallene, jewel of the Holy Empire of Rask. Tens of thousands were killed in mere moments, with hundreds more to follow in the coming months; only those in the outlying areas were spared, but soon they would envy the dead. Without the eye of the church to monitor trade, the few resources remaining were soon lost or hoarded. Within months civilization had collapsed, and the only safety lay in nomadic caravans, forever fleeing the monstrous creatures and corrupted abominations roving the impact site.

- Solo to start, meeting up with other PCs may happen, but only if you want it to.
- Expect to be pushed; this is not a nice place to be, especially for you.
- Rollplay and Roleplay, you'll need to make good use of skill checks, but I want you to expand on your character.

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