A Cold Day in Space

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  • Created Sep 1 '11
  • Last Post Mar 6 '12 at 7:03am
  • Status Complete
  • System GURPS

Game Description

In the later half of the 23 century aliens found Earth. The Aliens looked so much like Elves from the stories that the name stuck. The aliens parked in orbit for three days and swated down any attempts to harm them. The fourth day as the sun rose, a message went out.

"People of Earth, we come in peace and will leave so. We offer you a choice. Lay down arms against your fellow man and be given great gifts or choose not to, and get nothing."

The people of Earth jumped at the chance.

America recieved designs and the recipes for the materials to build starships.
Russia recieved the processes to make the materials for the ships.
China recieved the technology to terraform worlds.
Many lesser nations recieved technological gifts of all sorts.

In the end no one could make a ship without the help of all the world's nations.

For ten years they bickered and fought over the information. The alien codes prevented anyone from stealing the information from their peers.

In the eleventh year after the aliens came did a real peace begin. The first starship was built and sent out to examine all the planets. The crew was a mix of nations.

In the years following, the nations came to live peacefully.

In the last years of the 24th century did the ship plans really begin to evolve. This was due to the first signs of the sun going out.

The nations selected corporations to gather crews and stock ships for colonization of other worlds. Telling the populace nothing of what they knew to be happening.

The first few ships were send, manned by a terraformer and a group of watchers.

The second sign of the sun failing drew everyone's attention. It flickered several times in a 24 hour period.

The Corps decided to send out the first colony ship before anyone knew what was going on. They gathered a large group of researchers (2000 in total). The ship was no where near full. The corp went to the nations and asked for conscripted personel. (50000 were added). The final section of the ship was to be filled with the riff raff that the nations did not want. The corp went to the prison systems and bought out the sentences of 8000 inmates. All of these people were stuffed into cold storage for the 6 years it would take the ship to reach the planet that had been terriformed for them. All the capsules were equipped with sensory rehabilitation devices. Teaching the personnel inside some survival skills.

She ship blasted off with 60,000 personnel in cold sleep capsules. Enough equipment for two bases and 20 crew awake and manning the ship.

6 years have passed. The ships are nearing the end of their trip and soon the capsules will open and release its inhabitant.

Who will you be.

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