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Only a few short years ago the Kanto region Pokedex contained only 160 Pokemon for trainers to capture, befriend, and battle with. Ace Trainers set out with dreams of one day taking on the Elite Four and becoming Pokemon Masters. Breeders hoped to loving hatch and raise Pokemon with the best possible pedigrees and enhanced abilities while Researchers traveled far and wide to learn everything they could about Pokemon kind. Since then over 603 Pokemon have been cataloged and entered into the National Pokedex and Pokemon Professors believe even more wait to be discovered.

With the increase in travel and trade between the different regions Kanto and the Pokemon League have changed greatly in the last few years. Now new breeds of Pokemon are migrating to Kanto and settling in among the Squirtle, Pidgey, Growlithe, Meowth, and other Pokemon native to Kanto. That is why you young trainers have been called here today by Professor Cyprus. Professor Cyprus is a Pokemon Professor who specializes in Pokemon Migration, Nesting, and Settlement. She hopes to better understand how Kanto has and will continue to change as the new Pokemon settle in the region. She is looking for 5 young trainers to travel the region with her new and expanded Pokedexs and her assistant Marshal to observe and study the new Pokemon and original Pokemon interacting. Trainers can expect to travel through the major cities in Kanto including locations like Lavendar, Celadon, Gringy City, and more as well as spend time in the wilds observing Pokemon in all kinds of habitats. As such Trainers will have time to pursue their own interests but will also be receiving regular assignments from Professor Cyprus as they travel across Kanto and possibly other regions. Those Trainers interested in taking part can report to Dr. Cyprus' laboratory in Pewter City attached to the Pokemon Museum.

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