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  • Created Sep 12 '11
  • Last Post Oct 16 '11 at 11:39pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System GURPS
  • Setting Infinite Worlds

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Game Description

The Infinity holds countless worlds within itself. Some are pastoral and peaceful, others filled with blood and war. All are linked, and all are held true by the Center.

The legends say that if ever a man comes to control the Center, he shall have power over all the worlds in the Infinity. Such a man could be a great boon to all life, or he could be a terrible tyrant. The legends are true, of course, as they so often are, but the way to the Center is arduous and long, and few have come close to it.

Some say that whenever the Center is threatened, the Infinity summons champions to defend itself, setting them on a course to battle those that might seek to control the Center. How it does this, or indeed what the Center is, is a mystery to the wise. In some worlds, stories are told of great battles to determine the fate of countless worlds. Others know nothing of the Infinity or their place in it. All, however, are a part of the Infinity, and so linked to the Center.

The Game
Infinity is a GURPS 4th Edition game centering on a group of champions that will be summoned by Infinity to combat a threat to the Center. Characters will be drawn from disparate worlds, with no knowledge of each other and little, if any, knowledge of the Infinity or the greater scheme of creation.

Characters will begin the game in their own world and will be brought together through the course of play.

GM: Dyrnwyn (that's me)
Number of Players: 4-6. May go with less. Will not go with more.

The Rules
Infinity uses the GURPS 4th Edition rules. By the nature of the game, there is potential to use material out of almost any book. However, some limitations may apply. At least in the beginning, I'm not looking for a party full of spell-casters and super-psis. I am more content with characters that have latent potential for such things. That does not mean I will outright deny applications that include such characters, however.

I don't mind helping some with character creation and rules questions. However, I don't want to make your character or play the game for you. I require that you have access to at least the Basic Set in order to play this game.

It should be noted here that this is not an Infinite Worlds game as published by SJGames. I chose Infinite Worlds as a setting switch because it was the closest option. There may be some similarities, but to be honest, you're more likely to find parallels with the work of Stephen King.

Characters will be made with 250 points, with up to 75 points of negative traits.

Characters can and should be from all walks of life. Infinity selects champions based on their potential, not their occupation. A farm boy with the potential for greatness is just as likely to be chosen as a seasoned gunslinger itching for a quest.

Some traits will be hard to fit into this game. Traits such as wealth, reputations, dependents, enemies, and others will be hard to be effective. Some of these traits will become part of your characters as the game progresses, however.

In a like manner, equipment and belongings will depend largely on in-game occurances. A police officer who is off duty might not be carrying his 9mm service pistol, but might conceivably have a .38 in an ankle holster for emergencies, for instance. Feel free to develop your list as you like, but keep in mind that you will be making a transition during play, and might not get to keep all your toys.

Please put all applications in THIS THREAD.

Applications should include:

Character name.
Picture (if large, please place in spoiler tags).

A character's background should include at least some description of the world in which they live. After all, that is where they will start the game, and I'll need something to go on.

Characters will be accepted on a rolling basis. I intend to start a given character in their story within a day or two of acceptance.

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