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The letter was addressed to you. You do not know how he found out you were in Haven, nor how he knew where to send the letter so you would get it.
But the letter came, and it was addressed to you.
I'm sure you remember me. It's been a while, hasn't it? Why don't you come by and see me, and we can talk about what's been happening lately. Perhaps I can offer you a job, if you're in need of work.
And if you're not... well, it would be dreadful if certain matters came to light... wouldn't you say?

Maybe you crumple the letter in your hand. Maybe you throw it across the room. Maybe you burn it.
Maybe you simply stare at it in silence.
You know what Burdobar is implying.
And whatever you think of him... you will protect your secrets.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Haven. A city on the island of Batagua, the second-largest island in the archipelago colloquially known as "The Pirates' Isles", Haven is a city of secrets. While the peacekeepers try to maintain some semblance of order, beneath the veneer of lawfulness, the place is chaotic with criminal activity. The differing factions struggle for supremacy, there are more pirates than peacekeepers, and everyone has something they would prefer not be widely known.
Including you.

Game InformationBefore anything else, I want to say that I am co-DMing this game with the brilliant misfit815.
With that said, this is a game of intrigue, and we are going for a noirish feel with this game. Your... employer... will not necessarily have your best interests at heart, and neither will anyone else you meet. Perhaps there are people you can trust... or perhaps you can trust no one but yourself.
Your goal is to keep your secret, whatever it might be. Your character application should hint at possible secrets; details will be arranged individually with the players once they have been selected.
Other than that, your goal is what you want it to be. Will you simply do as Burdobar asks, hoping he will leave you be? Will you seek to rid yourself of his influence? Will you try to rise to the top of the underworld of Haven? Will you join a faction, or form your own? These decisions are yours to make. Choose wisely.

Applications are to be submitted by private message to both DMs.

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