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Based on the International Best-Selling Demon Cycle book series by Peter V. Brett

The sun is setting on civilization. The time draws near when the final battle against the Corelings, or Alagai, will be fought. All eyes turn to the past, looking to the teachings of Everam in facility or another. Even those who do not know they worship Everam know of his teachings, his Warding.

This campaign takes place in the world of the Demon Cycle book series. The first task set to us is creating custom classes for this campaign. Players for this game should be willing to help in balancing and playtesting the classes they wish to play. If you are not familiar with the book series you may still apply and I can give you all the information you will need to know for this campaign.

This game will require a one post a day minimum, with some leniency given towards those who have given warning, such as individuals who do not post on weekends.

The only race that will be allowed is Human, but there will be regional variants. In general you will receive two +2s and a -2 to your stats, as well as bonuses to certain skills.

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