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The people of Varisia, long under the rule of Cheliax and now left to fend for themselves, need heroes to right wrongs and forge a path into the future.Welcome to Varisian Tales!

Varisia is a land of hardy people, exotic creatures and legendary mystery. It is a land of raw opportunity, waiting for someone with strength of will to mould it. Will it be the aristocracy of Korvosa, last Chelish stronghold of a decaying Empire given over to demon worship after the death of their god? Will it be the brash political refugees of Magnimar, determined to hold to the principles of a Cheliax Empire which no longer exists? Or will it be the nefarious crime lords and pirates of Riddleport, plotting and counterplotting their way to dominion? Or will some hardy adventurers grasp the forelock of fate and forge the land into a shape of their own making?

Whatever the future holds, may the stories you weave be gathered into the Pathfinder Chronicles to be sung and recited for all time!

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