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Seven young kids go to camp for the summer
Wind up livin' in the digital land
Where everybody gets to meet his own Digimonster
A digital companion a digital friend.
A Digimon in training will Digivolve to Rookie
And Digivolve to champion and ultimate too.
I'm gonna save the digital world for me
I'm gonna save the digital world for you.

GenaiWelcome to the Digital World! I am Genai, your guide to all things digital!

You five have been selected for each of your inner qualities, and having seen digimon yourselves, in your own world, have been chosen to become digidestined! You will be brought into a world full of turmoil, where the powers of darkness locked away so long ago have freed themselves once more, and it is up to you and your digimon partners to protect our world, and yours!

GMThis game takes place between the first and second seasons, after Tai and the others have had their adventures, but just before T.K., Kari and their friends returned for their own set of digital adventures. You will play five digidestined, brought into the digital world from all over our own world with no knowledge of its existence. Your digimon will be designed by me, using the Mutants and Masterminds system, but do not think you will have no say in the process

Personality: As you can well imagine, this will be the most important part of the application as it will tell me what kind of digimon would be best suited for you.
Personal Crest May not be one already taken in the show
Digimon Creature Type Preferred:
Digimon Type Preferred: (Data, Vaccine or Virus)
Digimon Element Preferred:
Other: Anything you feel I've missed that would be important to note about your character. If you wish to be a party leader, that will need to be stated here.

GMs final noteI decide who wears the goggles around here. When the time comes that I select players I will select a party leader. Now this does not mean you must do everything they say, but I will expect you to treat them at least the way Matt treats Tai, or T.K. treats Davis.

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