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The Atama Region. This region only accepts the elite of trainers. In comparison to the other regions, it is massive. It eclipses even the Johto/Kanto region, though not by much. It's government is still heavily contested, only the League keeps any kind of ruling body over the disparate city-states.

Thirteen cities and Thirteen Gyms. Only nine badges are required by the League to be allowed to challenge the Four Monoliths.

Requirements for entry into the League are thus.
-A Trainer must be experienced! A foreign entrant must have four badges from their league of choice in order to apply for entry into the Atama League. A Trainer native to the Atama League must have Eight badges from the Junior Atama League.
-A Trainer must train their Pokemon to the utmost! Quality is more important then Quantity. The Trainer must own at least four Pokemon that reaches 30 IPLS. (International Power Level System).
-A Trainer must be wise! Each Trainer must pass a written exam, showing general Pokemon Battling and Care aptitude.
-A Trainer must be strong! Each trainer must carry a weapon for personal defense, and pass an aptitude test for use.

These four tenants are all that must be adhered to in order to apply for entrance to the Atama League! Only the mightiest of trainers can challenge our league. Are YOU up to the test?

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