Hunting the White Lions

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Hunting the White Lions

Many poachers choose to try their mettle against the Whitemane lions, a native of Thingöll; Land of the High Folk who revere the lions as sacred beasts. Yet many still risk their lives, daring the wrath of the High folk for the hides of the white lions that can be sold for a small fortune to the south. Its nearly impossible to hunt the lions inside of Thingöll itself, even if you somehow managed to get past the High Folk borders, but the beasts themselves roam free and are also found on the eastern reaches of Savonia in the winter along the mountain ranges.

Veteran poachers who hunt every season have built hidden hunting lodges in the mountains, those found by the High Folk patrols are utterly destroyed along with any unfortune hunters found within or in the nearby vicinity, yet that hasn't stopped people from returning again and again. Most hunting crews usually manage to catch one, maybe two lions every year which is a princes ransom but this season the already elusive beasts has not even been spotted once.

If anyone knows whats happened it would be the hunters of one particular haunt. The bluerock lodge, situated deeply in the mountains where it somehow manages year after year to go unnoticed.

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