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The 21st century was a period of upheaval, chaos and constant change as the very foundations of society and human identity were shaken to the core. Cybernetic augmentations, biotech and breakthroughs in nanotechnology changed what it meant to be human while the global economy went through one crisis after another, eventually ending with corporations buying out many defunct, bankrupt governments, forcing humanity into an era of super-capitalism that did not agree with everyone. Riots were common and fear was rampant.

This Dark Age reached its climax when a group of augmented transhumans began to fight the corporations and their economic injustices. At first they were considered terrorists and the public feared them, but as their successes mounted, many took to their banners, calling them the White Knights. This caused a rift in society as pure humans felt that it was wrong for the White Knights to augment their subjects in with cybertechnology and genotherapy. It led to the bloodiest conflict in the history of the world - the Transhuman War.

No one quite remembers when the war ended, nor who won, but the fighting ceased long ago. In the aftermath, people were forced to live simpler lives. They worked the land, supported one another and eventually found leaders, kings, to protect them. Although time seemed to be in reverse, technology had never been more advanced, and neither had humanity. The technological level of the 28th century human would appear as magic to their 21st century ancestry.

Transhuman movements and systematic augmentation had changed the average human into what would be a superhuman in centuries past. It appeared as though humanity were striving to become the very gods they once worshipped...and succeeded. Mythic feats of old were no longer the stuff of legend but very possible, and some saw little difference between the gods and themselves.

New Haven
After the Transhuman War forced humanity into a backward age, King Marcus Walker founded the village of New Haven outside of a stronghold that he constructed. The village quickly grew into a large city as many flocked to the protection of King Walker’s stronghold.

Inevitably, corruption found its way into New Haven as it did anywhere else. The “haves” were separated from the “have-nots” first by neighborhoods, but eventually by levels, as the city expanded up rather than out.

The rich, those who could afford the best genotherapy and nanite augmentations lived in Avalon, a neighborhood surrounding the large, refurbished New Haven Citadel. Those who cannot afford such cutting-edge augmentation typically live in various neighborhoods that surround Avalon that are referred to by many as The Walk Around. Some of these neighborhoods are slums, while others are support a vibrant middle class. Augmented citizens in the Walk Around typically possess ancient cybernetics rather than the less recognizable nanite enhancements the citizens of Avalon typically possess.

The setting is a mixture between the Thor movie (where magic and technology were one and the same) and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, kind of like a Final Fantasy game. Nano-augmentation and artificial limbs as well as genetic modifications have made superhuman feats possible, even a kind of "magic" that relies on probability manipulation.

Due to the world changing events, a new religion sprang up that espouses the use of augmentation to attain enlightenment. In addition, two factions (one representing a pro-augmentation viewpoint, the other a return to pure humanity) wage war for the soul of humanity.

Villains in this setting come from within humanity, and from without - their are creatures that were inextricably altered after the Transhuman war. The tone of this setting is not post-apocalyptic, but of hope and conflict - similar to that of the romanticized medieval times, with a technology and feel of a Final Fantasy game.

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