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Pokemon Tabletop Adventures:
Kings Cross League

Looking for around 9 players and maybe a CO-GM if anybody would like to.
The soon-to-be trainers receive a Travel Brochure, for the Cross Region, in the mail. It reads:

Players have arrived in Baron City at the Harbor where Professor Valkyries Aide will escort them to the Lab to receive their first Pokemon for their journeys.

Welcome aboard Trainers!
The S.S. Crowne is making its way to the Cross Region. Will you become the regions next Pokemon King!

(I am making an exception to the death rule. Actual Pokemon death is only applied to wild encounters, NOT to Trainer Battles unless the Opposing Trainer is actually TRYING to purposely kill/truly harm your Pokemon.)

Team Rocket will not have an appearance in this game. However, there will be a new villainous group called Vanguard. They are like Team Rocket, Plasma, Magma, Aqua, etc. They are a group that has been founded only 30 years prior to now. Their purposes are unclear but they will make known their plans in due time. So far they have not done anything all that bad in society. In fact so far they have helped fund major Organizations and Pokemon Schools in the Cross Region.

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