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LunÚville, France - December 1, 1944
Nestled near the border of France and Germany lies the small town of LunÚville, a town of military significance for both the Germans and the French. LunÚville lies on a stretch of road in bocage country beyond which to the east it is largely open to Germany. With the Germans retreating towards the Rhine and the Allies racing to stop them it seems that the war might finally be coming to an end. To ensure an expeditious retreat through the countryside, LunÚville has been taken and held by the Germans. Outside the city lies the Forest of Parroy, a dense wooded area honeycombed with trenches and tunnels (some 40 feet below ground level) used originally in World War I. The area is rugged and hilly; with low-lying areas consisting of swampy, marshland terrain.

A small, versatile mobile infiltration unit must enter LunÚville, take out several key Anti-Aircraft installations and return with intelligence regarding enemy numbers and placement in the town so that a properly-timed offensive can be launched to clear the town and secure it for Allied occupation in an effort to make the German retreat more difficult.

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