The Young and the Jedi II

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Game Information
  • Created Sep 24 '07
  • Last Post Sep 23 '08 at 5:39am
  • Status Complete
  • System Star Wars

Game Description

A long time ago...
In a Galaxy far far away...
At a time completely unrelated to any canon fiction...

The galaxy is torn apart by the complete destruction of the entire senate and the old republic lies in ruins. As the Jedi knights, keepers of peace in the galaxy, struggle to discover the mysterious cause of the senators annhilation they find themselves stretched as multiple worlds, suddenly unrestrained, seek to rise to power.

New alliances are formed and War breaks out on every scale all over the galaxy.

It is a time when the real power in the galaxy is not held by the citizens but those with money and influence.
Throughout this chaos a shadow spreads...

Everyone for themselves, nothing is what it seems.


Ever wondered what star wars would be like if it was film noir and cool as ice?
Check it Out!

roleplay to fingers softly clicking to the beat of cantina jazz....

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