Operation: Whiteout- Rise of Team Destiny

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Trainers start Level 2 (64 Point Buy stat no higher than 14 at Lvl 0 phase)
Chose Two Pokemon Level 15 and Level 10
Restrictions: No Dark/Ghost Starters. No legendaries. Cannot have stat over 10 at base level if no evolution chain.
Inventory: Pokedex; Other Items To be given by Officials

{ Looking for around 21 people to be recruited (7 groups of 3)... Yes this a HUGE game... but it makes sense, since this should be a big team operation anyways right? :D }

In the Johto Region, there have been many outbreaks lately of crime from the infamous Team Rocket. Everyone knows this is they because they tend to leave their mark or make a giant scene wherever they go. Other regions have these issues as well with other groups such as Team Magma & Aqua, Team Galactic, and of course Team Plasma. Even though people have risen against them and “shut down” their operations, it was not for good. Their leaders came back after some time to regain their authority in the world, cause chaos, and bring their groups back into power again.

Another group has been under works for quite some time now. Being funded by the Pokémon Professors and the Elite 4 groups, it is supposed to be groups to counter act the others. The group was to be called Team Destiny. An elite group specialized in anti-crime tactics and local peace preservation. The current leader of Team Destiny, Ritchie, has sent notice to all Officer Jennies and Nurse Joys about recruitment in the Johto and Kanto regions. The officials have sent ads throughout the region’s cities. Although the other groups have caught wind of these ads they have no idea where to find the meeting areas.
Today marks the recruitment day in Ecruteak City inside the Geisha House. Members from all over have come to be recruited into Team Destiny for various reasons ranging from Personal issues all the way to just hating crime as a whole.


This game will be played slightly different, as it is not COMPLETELY free roaming….
Missions will be given to each group to carry out.
There will be free time available. Destiny Missions will be given out daily 4 days out of the week. The other 3 days are free to do whatever you so wish and will be free roaming. (ALL IN GAME TIME)

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