Star Wars : Wings of Fortune

Game Description

This campaign will follow the style of a 1940's Sky Pirate Serial, with Heroic Opportunities and Feats of Valour galore. And in the Pilot Seat is you!

You are a HERO; You are Special, People know your name, many think of you as a work of fiction or some sort of Hoax, Your exploits are known from Core to Rim. Weather it be a Galaxy Famous Racing Pilot, Unmatchable Space Pirate or Undetectable Bounty Hunter there really is no limit for your character options.

Every Hero of Aerial Action needs some very important thing, a Starship! Yes a ship, a Signature Piece of equipment as Hot and Charismatic as its Pilot behind the Wheel, weather it’s a ‘beat up mean machine from way back when’ or a ‘fresh off the show room floor piece of sexy engineering’ it says more about You and the way you live than a thousand poets working for a thousand years could ever do.

The relationship between Man and Machine is effected by only one thing… Outlook.
Are you a Lover or a Hater? A Gear-head or a Tactician? A Hard-Core Mother’ or a Romantic Cavalier? All these things should be reflected in the craft you choose.

From there we come to who you are… Your back-story, the resounding WHY? behind the ever present WHO?
How did you become the magnificent specimen you are today? What twisted paths lead you to this time and place? And what ONE feature of your varied and highly impressive talents is the one that makes you the BEST in the Galaxy?

These and all above; are the questions I ask you… These are the questions for you to answer.

I am Lee, and I eagerly await your enrollment in the Wings of Fortune.

Announcing the first ever fully Image supported PBP game for the Forums!

A high flying, death defying aerial combat Campaign
where YOU are the HERO!

You are the best of the best, known as Legend and Master in your field of Piloting, Through a dark twist of fate charged with crimes against the Powers that be; you are offered a life changing bargain… Work for us, and clear your name.

It’s a Privateers life for you, working along side 5 other highly skilled pilots; You match your skills against the cold hearted oppressors that seek to conquer and control the universe!

This campaign, set as a series of Aerial, Space and Character skirmishes will explore the universe as the Players archive Objectives in order to improve their skills, upgrade their customized ships and fight for freedom.

To sign up, post bellow or PM me with your Character Concept. The campaign will begin at 8th level, More information will become available as we approach the launch.

Sound like fun?! Sound like a challenge?!

Sign Up Now for a truly unique SAGA experience.

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