The Big Uneasy

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  • Created Oct 15 '11
  • Last Post Jan 20 '12 at 7:45pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Dresden Files

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Three months isn't a long time...But it's long enough for things to change.

New Orleans has always been a haven for the Red Court. As long as anybody can remember, they've had a stranglehold on the Big Easy. But all that changed as of three months ago. Three months ago, something completely obliterated the Red Court, ending their rule of New Orleans. Now nobody owns the city. Everybody has a slice of the Big Easy, and everybody wants the whole pie.

Mr. Saturday, the enigmatic ruler of the Big Easy's Wyldfae, cuts deals day-in and day-out. Meanwhile, the Summer and Winter Courts clamor to claim the Missisippi Delta and snatch Saturday's seat out from under him. The White Court are gearing up for a civil war bewteen the Raith, Skavis, and Malvora families. The White Council presence is almost nonexistant. There are rumors of weregators in the swamps, the city's two cemetary watch organizations are reporting more and more undead that ever before, and there are stories of things even worse.

New Orleans is a city of chaos, of danger...and of opportunity. The Big Easy stands on the brink of warfare, of disaster. But it's one of the few places where a difference can be made.

Welcome to the Big Uneasy.

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