The Marriage of Prince Beech

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  • Created Oct 17 '11
  • Last Post Nov 28 '11 at 9:58am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Miscellaneous

Game Description

As the fourth son of his legendarily fecund parents, the sprite Prince Flynn Flynn of the Shining Needle, Flynn who tamed the giant hornet Quickstrike, Flynn whose smile is frequently mistaken for a lighthouse by passing ships never really had much expected of him from his parents, not even a politically convenient marriage. So while some more conservative nobles raised their eyebrows over Flynn's dramatic declaration of eternal love for the pixie Prince Beech, they were heavily outnumbered by the family members who thought that it was wonderful and romantic and sweet and that Flynn and Beech should marry right away. A few, rather stuck in their ways, also insisted that Flynn and Beech give them dozens of heirs, causing the lovers to wonder if maybe that story about fairies being born from the laughter of children was really true.

If it was, though, the goblin Princess Inkheart a child of Queen Mab herself doesn't believe it. Her Unseelie legions have kidnapped Beech from the very bosom of his family, and when the winter solstice comes, she intends to force him into marriage. And as if this were not problem enough, Flynn Flynn of the Very Bad Decisions was angered enough by the loss of his love to seek help from Grandfather Frost and the Winter Court, who now grant him assistance at the cost of slowly transforming him to one of their hard-hearted and emotionless Princes of Ice.

Queen Leanan has plans and strategems in motion, but you are the greatest of them. She has tasked you, the "most suited" of the fairies, to undo the scheming of Princess Inkheart and Grandfather Frost, and to escort Beech and Flynn back into the bosom of the Seelie Court, where there can be a great ceremony, a proper happily-ever-after, and a great deal of cake.

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