Genesis: The Awakening

Game Description

Your world has been under siege from an unholy alliance of demons and devils, the blood war finally ended and a truce reached between the two parties. The gods were the first to begin to fall, their celestial hosts decimated and the divine beings slain in the opening move of the war. After the remaining few gods fled their homes, the infernal host moved on to the mortals. A last ditch effort by two of the remaining gods threw you and a few others from your home across the universe to a new home, a world called simply Genesis.

You are the last and the first generation of your people. Gifted with life and a few items to continue life. The gods drained their essence to give you this chance, and your mages drained their life for the same. It's do or die time now, and Genesis may yet take offense at this new imposition.

2-3 Orcs
Maybe 1 Elf
Pure vanilla variants, no halfbreeds.

No exotic weapons to start with. These can be developed as time goes on, and proficiencies are gained after a time of having trained with the weapon. No feats required. Likewise with armor. Remember that finding the materials to make said items may be difficult. Special materials may be very difficult to find and refine, initially at least.

Sorcerer, Barbarian, Ranger, Scout, Spirit Shaman and Bard are the only classes available to start with. As time goes on, other classes will open up, as will alternate class features and racial substitutions. The divine bard will initially be available. Psionics are out to start. Certain events will uncover them and let them out into the world.

Prestige classes are likewise out, until you get to build up to them. Starting at a lower level will give you more time to reach these levels.

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