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"Almost all our sorrows spring out of the relations with other people.”
—Arthur Schopenhaur

Adventures on the Bleeding Edge:
-Chris Pramas
May 1, 2006

The intention of this game is to run the entire Bleeding Edge series from start to finish.
Mansion of shadows: level 1-3
Beyond the Towers: level 2-6
Dirge of the Damned: level 3-5
A Dreadful Dawn: level 4-6
Temple of the death Goddess: level 4-6
Escape from Ceranir: level 6-8

Save for slight modifications these modules will be kept as true to intention as possible. Indeed little, if any, is needed thanks to careful thought and planning on the part of the original publisher. No amount of pre-planning can account for every eventuality though especially when dealing with the imagination. It therefore becomes incumbent on the GM to re-route the players back into the story without railroading. It is my intent to allow the players and their characters as much freedom as possible. However, the story must be told and the adventure must go on. Toward this end steps will be taken to preserve the flow that may not always make sense to all those involved. -Fair warning-.

These adventures blend role playing with roll playing. The characters involved will experience combat with monsters as well as interaction with many NPC's. They will need to solve mysteries and riddles, travel above and below ground and hopefully save the realm from all types of madness. Although listed as "forgotten realms" this adventure takes place in a region in and of itself. The chosen characters will have some variable knowledge of the area and even some of the NPC's. This foresight may extend beyond the proposed borders of the game. It is not only acceptable but encouraged for players to make their own "history". However, some minor adjustments may be nessesary and should be anticipated.

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