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The man ran as fast as he could, occasionally tripping on a tree root or smacking into a low hanging tree branch. His breath came in labored gasps and the tattered cloak on his back was barley recognizable any more. The thick set of plate mail covering his body had multiple dents and scratches, the tabard on the front ripped and torn. A scabard hung on his waist, but the sword that resided there had long since been lost. Equally the quiver on his back was missing all but one arrow. The man stopped in the woods as he came to a crossroads and tried to catch his breath. Moonlight easily illuminated the sign before him, and he knew where he had to go. The keep had to be warned of the impending invasion. He groaned and continued running down the left path, headed for the Kingdom of Amalar. He barely made it five feet when he heard a snap behind him. Turning he lifted his bow in the direction....and gasped as a small blade pierced his throat. The bow fell from limp fingers and the man's last sight was that of a figure covered head to toe in dark leather walking towards him, saber in hand.

Welcome! This will be long spanning campaign starting at level 1 (though advancing fast) in a homebrew world of mine known only as "Harshon". It is a place of strife and conquest, where the weak suffer and the strong prevail. The years have been cruel as one war after another has plagued the five kingdoms that stake there claim over the land. You are a member of the "Empire of Kourans", a land ruled by a Emperor and Empress who conquered the land from the previous oppressive king through guile and cunning, army, whether you be a Mercenary, Militiaman, Member of the Clergy or Arcana Society. Dark tidings have been on the rise from the southern border, which coincides with the ancient border of Junath, a kingdom ruled by Orcs and Goblins and other foul creatures. You have been tasked with reinforcing one of the border patrols on the border, and finding out anything you can about what has been happening and why.

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