The Dead Walking

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  • Created Nov 8 '11
  • Last Post Feb 8 '13 at 10:21pm
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Cable World Report
Steve Cramer - And now a special report from Alan Wilcox in Geneva. Are you there, Alan?

Alan Wilcox - Yes, Steven. I am here at the headquarters of the World Health Organization where the director has issued a statement. It says in part that there is currentlty no vaccine nor is there an effective treatment for the Agressive Deteriorating Infection, or ADI, as it has been dubbed by the scientific community here in Switzerland. The statement also insists that anyone who suspects that they may be infected should report to the nearest hospital or emergency care center, such as a local stadium or school gym. At this point, this disease has affected the has affected half a billion people the world over since the first cases were reported in thirty three days ago. Remember, ADI was discovered in Central Africa, seven European countries, India, China, and Australia as well as the U.S. and Canada in the span of only a few days. WHO officials have been scouring these areas of earliest infection but have as yet been unsuccessful in uncovering the source of this disease.

SC - Alan, you've been essentially trapped in Switzerland since mid September when the Swiss banned international travel in an attempt to limit exposure to ADI. How are you and your team holding up and what is the situation there in Geneva?

AW - Not so good, Steven. My producer is bedridden after an attack as we returned to our hotel last night.

{The camera begins to pan to show the city skyline. Several plumes of smoke can be seen in the distance}
There is general chaos in the city. What police are left have withdrawn to thier stations or are just not reporting to work.
The Swiss army has established a cordon around the compound here which includes our hotel. So we are at least safe here. Demonstrations against the government have brought out the criminal element and rioting and looting are rampant in the larger cities. Smaller communities, especially those located in alpine valleys, have isolated themselves and are closing roads with makeshift roadblocks and rockslides on the mountain roads.

SC - We wish you the best of luck, Alan. Thank you.

AW - And to you and everyone back in New York, Steven. I understand the situation is not much better there.

SC - Not much, Alan, no. Thanks again. Now we go to.........

Alan lowered the microphone and started helping pack the equipment back into the van. The cameraman, Mike Snow, said, "I'm gonna check on David. I'll meet you at the bar before dinner, Ok?" As he finished packing, Alan replied, "Sure, I've got to talk to the officer in charge of this area for our next story. See you then." Alan shouldered his reporter's bag with pens, paper, camera and digital audio recorder and walked off toward the military checkpoint. Mike took the van the four blocks back to the hotel and parked it in the front of the street. He got out and hit the lock button on the remote as he went in. He stopped at the desk to check for messages but no one answered his call. He liked to stop at the desk because seven out of ten times there was a cute girl working. Never failed. With no one around, he hopped on the elevator and got off on eight. He walked passed his own door and used an extra key to open the door of David Frazier's room. When the three of them worked together, which was often, each carried an extra key for the other's rooms. This was in case someone overslept in a drunken stupor, which also happened often. Mike entered slowly, not wanting to wake David if he was sleeping. Instead he saw his producer and friend standing by the window. Mike walked up beside him as the door snicked shut. "How you feeling, David?" He asked as he stepped up next to him. He did a double take as David turned to face him. David's skin was deathly pale and his cheeks and eyes were sunken. His eyes were circled around the iris with a brightness bordering on luminiscent. David opened his mouth but all that emerged was a strangled groan. Mike was horrified but fear rooted him in place. This was David after all. His friend of a hundred cities and a thousand bars. They'd faced college co-eds and terrorist AK-47's together, so Mike was completely taken by surprise as David cum Walker sank his teeth into his neck.
When Alan walked in the room later that evening, he was also surprised.
At lunchtime the next day, they were roaming the halls of the eighth floor together, just as they had once roamed the Rue Bourbon during Mardi Gras, prowling for flesh.

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